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Van Reenen is partner of the following charities

Ronald McDonald Children's Fund

Van Reenen is sponsoring the Ronald McDonald Chrildren's Fund by storing and transporting collected stuffed animals, toys and other products free of charge. We have a simple motivation for this. A healthy child has a thousend wishes while a sick child often onlye has one wish! Thanks to the Ronald McDonald houses, each sick child has his parents close to him. 

More information about the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund? Visit the website  www.kinderfonds.nl

Edukans Shoe Buddies

Van Reenen has this year contributed again to this beautiful action by transporting 100.000 shoeboxes throughout the Netherlands. This transport is part of the action "Shoe Buddies" organized by Edukans. With this action children in the Netherlands fill decorate shoeboxes for children in developing countries.

More information about Edukans? Visit the website  www.edukans.nl 


The essence of the activities of the Eastern Europe Reformed Belief Foundation is the aid to hospitals in Eastern Europe. SOEGG provides this humanitarian assistance by supplying and partly maintaining redundant medical equipment from the Netherlands. Equipment which is amortized in Dutch hospitals but is still useful, is collected and brought to Eastern Europe. This is a close collaboration with local churches. Van Reenen makes its contribution by taking care of the transport of this medical equipment, free of charge.

More information about SOEGG? Visit the website www.soegg.nl  

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